Business Crime Prevention


The theft of personal property in the business community is a crime of opportunity that can often be prevented. Please take note of these seasonal reminders and you will be less likely to be a victim this year.

  1. Always secure your personal property (handbags and wallets especially) in a locker, locked file cabinet or desk drawer. Never place a handbag behind a counter or under a desk.
  2. When removing your jacket in the office – remove your wallet too.
  3. Don’t carry more cash or credit cards than you need for any particular day.
  4. In offices – don’t allow strangers to wander around unannounced. Any service personnel should be checked in and out.
  5. In retail stores – be alert to people who enter the store and create a disturbance in order to distract sales staff while their accomplices steal their unsecured handbags and other property.
  6. Report any and all suspicious activity to the Palm Beach Police Department right away – don’t wait to confirm your suspicions with co-workers. Your call might help prevent others from being victimized.


It is sometimes difficult for police officers to identify your store from the rear entrance – especially after dark. We can help by affixing reflective stick-on numbers to the rear door of your shop or business. If you would like to take advantage of this free service, call the Palm Beach Police Department at 838-5454 and ask for your Business and Community Relations Officer.



The Direct Connect Alarm System saves valuable time when an alarm is activated at your home or business.  With Direct Connect you can avoid the delays caused when your alarm company calls you to confirm the alarm and then calls the police department to report it.  With the Direct Connect Alarm System the police department and your alarm company are notified at exactly the same time allowing the quickest response to your residence.  Contact Lead Communications Supervisor - Angela Olivares @ 561-227-6460 for more information or learn more in the FAQ.



Specially trained officers of the Palm Beach Police Department’s Business and Community Relations Unit are available to visit retail stores, offices and financial institutions to train employees in business crime prevention. Sessions can be arranged at your convenience including before or after normal business hours. Suggested topics include robbery awareness, business burglary, credit card and other fraud and identity theft.



We will come to your business or residence to conduct a free security survey.  Appointments can be arranged at your convenience. Call (561) 838-5467 for more information or to schedule a survey.