Evacuation and Re-Entry


In the event of a mandatory evacuation and a declaration by the Chief of Police that a state of emergency exists within the Town as a result of a hurricane impact, the Police Department will establish roadblocks at each of the access points/bridges leading into the Town as soon as soon as it is safe for public safety officers to be on the roads.

The roadblocks prevent access to the island while conditions are unsafe. At the discretion of Town officials, the following persons will be allowed into Palm Beach:

• Persons who can provide documentation proving they are residents of Palm Beach

• Employee/personal representative of a resident

• Business owners

• Employee/representative of a business owners

• Persons listed on the Emergency Contact Lists provided by the Police Department

• Media personnel with valid credentials

• Persons approved by the Field Command Post or Emergency Operations Center

View the County's evacuation zones. The Town is in Zone B.

Access a one-page summary of the Town's re-entry procedures after a storm is passed.