Where is the Palm Beach Police Department located?
Our address is 345 S. County Road, Palm Beach, FL 33480. We are located between Royal Palm Way and Worth Avenue across the street from the Palm Beach Town Hall.

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1. How do I obtain a copy of police report?
2. Where is the Palm Beach Police Department located?
3. What phone number should I use to contact the Palm Beach Police Department?
4. How can I obtain a parking permit?
5. What information do I need to register my residential or business alarm?
6. I need fingerprints taken for employment, travel, other reasons.
7. Will the police department watch my house when I am away on vacation? Closed House Service
8. Do you offer security surveys?
9. I need a police officer to provide private service at my home or business.
10. How can I apply for a position with the department?
11. Where can I pay a parking citation I received in Palm Beach?
12. How can I Dispute a Parking Ticket
13. I am dissatisfied about my recent contact with a Palm Beach Police Officer, what can I do?
14. How do I find the Town Code of Ordinances?
15. I would like information about Palm Beach Police & Fire Foundation Citizen's or Teen Academy.
16. What to do when stopped by a police officer?
17. What to do when stopped by a Police Officer while driving
18. Submit Residential or Business Contact Information to the Palm Beach Police Department.
19. How can I be placed on the Emergency Re-Entry List for Storm Emergencies?