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September 3, 2021 7:24 PM



• Although still very high, today’s weekly report from the Florida Department of Health indicated a continued decrease in Covid-19 positivity rates for the State of Florida and Palm Beach County. The State’s positivity rate was 15.2% and Palm Beach County’s positivity rate was 12.6% over the last 7 days. The prior week was 16.8% for the State and 13.9% for Palm Beach County.

• The cumulative number of Covid-19 cases in the State of Florida is now 3,308,916 (+129,240 from a week ago) and in Palm Beach County it is 204,641 (+6,863 from a week ago). The cumulative number of people in the State of Florida that have at least one vaccine dose is now 13,124,436 (+462,269 from a week ago) and in Palm Beach County it is 931,401 (+10,919 from a week ago). Click on the link at the end of this update to read the State’s report.


• The Delta variant of Covid-19 continues to be the dominant strain in Palm Beach County and across the country. Although masks and good hygiene will help to slow the spread, increasing vaccination rates is the primary method for reaching herd immunity. The Town strongly encourages all eligible individuals who have yet to receive a vaccination to do so immediately. As of September 3, 52.9% of the US population has been fully vaccinated and 62.2% are partially vaccinated.

• Palm Beach County has exercised its authority under the County’s current State of Emergency to obtain hospitalization data from all hospitals located within the county. Daily reports are now being compiled to give a snapshot of Covid-19 related admissions, use of beds, ICU patients, ventilator usage, and capacity.

• The September 3 report an increase of 102 Covid-19 positive patients admitted in the last 24 hours, with a total of 763 current patients (22 pediatrics). The report also indicated 205 adults and 11 children are in ICU beds.

• The normal total bed capacity in all hospitals is 2759. As of today, 3002 beds are occupied, meaning that some hospitals are in surge mode and have deployed temporary beds to meet patient needs. See the link at the end of this update for more details.


• Depending on your age, health history, and how long you’ve had symptoms of COVID-19, you may qualify for monoclonal antibody (mAb) treatment. mAb treatment may help people who have a positive COVID-19 test, and had symptoms for 10 days or less, and are at high risk of getting more serious symptoms.

• Palm Beach Fire Rescue is in possession of Monoclonal Antibody therapeutics to provide to its citizens that are at increased risk for potentially fatal outcomes from contracting Covid-19. Our fire-based EMS system is uniquely designed to handle this mission and will make a difference in the lives of our community by offering this service free of charge.

• Please call 561-227-7092 to make an appointment. A member of Palm Beach Fire Rescue will take your information, conduct initial screening, and schedule a time for a unit to come to your home to receive the treatment. Our department paramedics will arrive at your home to administer the medication and will stay to monitor the patient, or connect a patient to a healthcare provider via telemedicine for 1 hour. A business address is not permitted, as we require a private residence to monitor the patient.


• The Town remains in a declared State of Emergency, due to the continued rise in new Covid-19 infections within Palm Beach County. Considering the risk of infection, the Town Council approved virtual meetings for all boards and commissions through the end of August. The policy requiring masks for all employees and visitors (regardless of vaccination status) in Town-owned government buildings, including Town Hall, the Police Station, Fire Stations, Recreation Center, Tennis Centers, Golf Course, and the Public Works facility remains in effect.

• The Town will continue to follow CDC guidelines and strongly encourage residents and businesses to continue doing the same, including the CDC’s recommendation to require masks indoors.

• Information about vaccinations and other matters related to the Covid-19 Pandemic can be found on the Town or CDC websites by clicking the links below.

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