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January 14, 2022 5:13 PM



• Today’s weekly situation report from the Florida Department of Health indicated a continuation of very high Covid-19 positivity rates, with 29.3% for the State and 29.7% for Palm Beach County over the last 7 days. The prior week’s positivity rate was 31.2% for the State and 34.0% for Palm Beach County. Although the State and Palm Beach County experienced a small decrease in the weekly positivity rate, community transmission remains extremely high.

• The cumulative number of Covid-19 cases in the State of Florida is now 4,992,265 (+430,297 from a week ago) and in Palm Beach County, it is 324,255 (+26,918 from a week ago). The cumulative number of people in the State of Florida that have at least one vaccine dose is now 15,067,643 (4,632,038 received a booster) and in Palm Beach County, it is 1,054,833. As of yesterday, 62.8% of the US population are fully vaccinated and 74.7% are partially vaccinated.

• Click on the link at the end of this update for more information from the State.


• On Monday, January 3rd, a Local State of Emergency was declared by the Chief of Police in response to the significant surge in Covid-19 infections. At the January 11th Town Council meeting, the State of Emergency was unanimously extended to February 8, 2022, at which time we will evaluate the need for another extension.


• The Town’s partnership with the Palm Beach Police & Fire Foundation to provide rapid Covid-19 testing for Town of Palm Beach residents is going well. Additional appointments have been established for Town of Palm Beach residents on Tuesday, January 18, 2022, and Thursday, January 20, 2022. Residents can register online for an appointment by clicking on the link at the end of this alert. Proof of residency with a local ID or utility bill will be required at the testing site.

• Testing will take place at the Town of Palm Beach South Fire Station at 2185 South Ocean Blvd with parking in the Phipps Ocean Park south parking lot (NOT the Fire Station Parking lot).


• The Town strongly encourages everyone to assess their personal risks and the risks of others before gathering with non-household groups and urges you to protect yourselves and your loved ones by following CDC guidelines in the coming weeks. (1) Get fully vaccinated and boosted if you have not already done so. (2) Wear a mask when indoors with others not from your household, even if masks are not required. (3) Stay 6 feet away from others. (4) Avoid crowds and poorly ventilated spaces. (5) Choose outdoor venues for socialization and exercise. (6) Wash your hands often. (7) Monitor your health daily. (8) Test if you develop symptoms (even if very mild) and isolate per CDC guidelines.

• The policy requiring masks for all employees and visitors (regardless of vaccination status) at Town Hall, Police Station, Fire Stations, Recreation Center, Tennis Centers, Golf Course, and the Public Works facility remains in effect.

• The Town will continue to follow CDC guidelines and strongly encourage residents and businesses to continue doing the same, including the CDC’s recommendation to require masks indoors regardless of vaccination status.

• Information about vaccinations and other matters related to the Covid-19 Pandemic can be found on the Town or CDC websites by clicking the links below.

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