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April 30, 2020 12:28 PM

COVID-19 UPDATE for 4/30/20

• STATE EXECUTIVE ORDER NO. 20-112 was issued yesterday by Governor Ron DeSantis, outlining Phase 1 plans for Florida’s recovery from the Coronavirus pandemic. Although much of EO 20-112, which is goes into effect on Monday, May 4, DOES NOT apply to Miami Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties, it is important to highlight the following:

o Executive Order 20-91, the statewide Stay at Home Order will expire on May 4 for most of the state, but will remain in effect for Palm Beach County until lifted by County officials. This order outlines essential and non-essential businesses and can be found on the Town’s COVID-19 webpage.

o Executive Order 20-80, airport screening and isolation, has been extended.

o Executive Order 20-82, isolation of individuals traveling to Florida has been extended.

o Executive Order 20-112 states that all persons in Florida shall continue to limit their personal interactions outside the home.

o The link at the end of this alert includes a copy of EO 20-112 and FAQs related to that order.

• PALM BEACH COUNTY EMERGENCY ORDER NO. 2020-5, which was effective on April 29, outlines requirements (including CDC guidelines) for the reopening of boating and marine activities, golf courses, public parks and natural areas, tennis courts, and community pools.

o Activities such as fishing, jet skiing and recreational boating is permitted but flotillas are not allowed and vessels must remain at least 50 feet away from other vessels. The maximum number of passengers permitted on vessels will be determined by size (25’ or less = 6 people, 36’ – 36’ = 8 people, 37’-60’ = 10 people, over 60’ = 10 people, not including crew).

o The Par 3 Golf Course has reopened. Golfers should arrive no earlier than 20 minutes prior to tee times. Please call 561-547-0598 to book a tee time. Al Fresco remains open for take-out or delivery service only.

o All public parks within the Town have reopened, with the exception of Phipps South Ocean Park, as “beach parks” must remain closed per the County order. (Access to the Phipps Tennis Center will be permitted). The playground at Seaview Park remains closed until further notice.

o The Seaview and Phipps tennis centers will reopen on May 1 for singles play only. Players may call 838-5404 to book courts at Seaview or 227-6450 for Phipps.

o Per County order all recreations buildings shall remain closed, including the Mandel Rec Center.

o No changes to the current Lake Trail rules are being made at this time. From 9:00AM - 4:00PM daily, only walkers and runners are permitted on the Trail. Cyclists and all other permitted uses can take place outside of these times.

o All beaches remain closed. Violators may be subject to arrest.

• The following numbers have been provided by the Florida Department of Health as of NOON today. Please note that these numbers lag and are not in real time.

 18 confirmed cases in the Town of Palm Beach, with 2 deaths.
 2,904 confirmed cases in Palm Beach County, with 186 deaths.
 33,690 confirmed COVID-19 cases in the State of Florida, with 1,268 deaths.
 1,042,874 confirmed cases in the US, with 61,187 deaths.
 3,224,079 confirmed cases worldwide, with 228,908 deaths.

• Per previous State, County and Town orders, the following continue to be in effect. All orders can be found on the Town’s COVID-19 website.

 A “Stay at Home” order remains in place, all non-essential businesses are closed and a daily curfew from 9:00 PM to 6:00 AM remains in effect for the Town.

 All persons whose point of departure originated from an area of substantial community spread of COVID-19, including the New York Tri-State Area (Connecticut, New Jersey and New York), and Louisiana MUST isolate or quarantine themselves for a period of 14 days from the time of entry into the State of Florida.

 No new short-term vacation rentals of less than 30 days or one calendar month is permitted.

 Please be reminded that all persons working in, patronizing, or otherwise physically present in grocery stores, restaurants, pharmacies, construction sites, public transit vehicles, vehicles for hire, and locations where social distancing measures are not possible should wear facial coverings as defined by the CDC.

 All other persons physically present in any public place in Palm Beach County are strongly urged to wear facial coverings as defined by the CDC.

 All Town government offices remain closed to the public. However, all departments continue to provide services remotely with minimal on-site staff.

• Florida Department of Health COVID-19 Hotline is 866-779-6121 or email with questions.

• Questions for the Town can be emailed to A Town Hotline is also available for questions 561-227-7070.

• Click on the link below to download a full copy of State Executive Order No. 20-112 and its related FAQs.

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