Architectural Commission (ARCOM)

ARCOM reviews and approves modifications to any existing structures visible from public rights-of-way, new construction, and landscaping. The seven members and three alternate members are Town registered voters appointed by the Town Council. Members are appointed on the basis of experience in art, architecture, community planning, land development, real estate, landscape architecture, or other relevant business, profession, or civic interest. At least two members, but no more than three members, of ARCOM shall be registered architects in the state. Download Application.

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Members of this board/commission must be registered voters in the Town of Palm Beach. Applicants must attach a copy of both sides of their Voter Registration card with their application. Failure to provide the copy of the required voter registration card shall be grounds for rejection of the application.

Current Members

Michael B. Small, Chairman

Robert N. Garrison, Vice Chairman, Architect

John David Corey, Member, Master Gardner

Maisie Grace, Member

Alexander C. Ives, Member

Betsy Shiverick, Member

Richard Sammons, Member, Architect

Katherine Catlin, Alternate Member

Dan Floershemier, Alternate Member

Ted Cooney, Alternate Member

Meeting Agendas & Back-up Documents

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