Town Employee Information

Update as of Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Dear Town Employees,

I want to thank every Town employee for doing what you can to help stop the spread of COVID-19. There has been a tremendous amount of change to both our personal and work lives since the closure of Town facilities and office on March 20, 2020. This closure and current pay status will continue thru the end of the month, April 30, 2020.

The role we all play to prevent COVID-19 from spreading is critical to the well-being of our family, friends, and overall community we serve. I have asked all department directors to review operational needs and engage nonessential employees as much as possible to aid in supporting Town operations. This means for those of you who are non-essential and assigned to your home, you may be called upon to complete assignments and/or training while you are at home in support of your department and the Town. Essential on-site and remote employees continue to provide a vital role in maintaining Town operations and their hard work and dedicated service are appreciated.

We remain committed to helping all employees during these uncertain times. As a reminder, whether you are a non-essential or essential employee, if you or a family member are exhibiting symptoms, awaiting test results, or have been confirmed to have contracted COVID-19, please contact Human Resources immediately. Your disclosure will be kept confidential. Either Danielle Olson, Human Resources Director, or Kennie Wells, Human Resources Assistant Director, will help you navigate your health insurance resources, any relevant changes that may be available to you due to recent changes in Federal laws, or other resources from the Town’s EAP or other overall wellness providers.

Please continue to review the Town Employee Information and Employee Notices websites for current information and resources. Thank you in advance for taking this pandemic seriously and following the orders and recommendations of our state, local, and federal agencies during this unprecedented emergency. We will come through this challenge by working together to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Thank you,

Kirk Blouin, Town Manager

Frequently Asked Questions for Employees 

Notices & Resources

1)    What if I have contracted or have been exposed personally (not job related) to COVID-19?   

  • We recommend that you seek appropriate medical attention immediately.
  • Immediately notify Human Resources at 561.227-6322 or  You may not return to work until instructed to do so.  The Town will follow CDC guidelines to conduct a risk assessment so that appropriate support and accommodations can be provided.  Your disclosure of such information will be confidential.  

2)    What if I come to work with current symptoms of illness?

  • You will be asked to return home on your personal sick time per Town current leave policy, and we recommend that you seek appropriate medical attention.  Prior to your return, you must not exhibit any COVID-19 symptoms, which are:  
    • Cough;
    • Fever (no fever for 24 hours without fever reducing medication);
    • difficulty breathing

3)    Will I be notified if a coworker has contracted COVID-19 or is in self-isolation?

  • Due to privacy concerns, this information will not be shared.  However, the Town will take steps per CDC guidance to conduct a risk analysis and may require employees to self-isolate.

4)    What if I am exposed to COVID-19 on the job? 

5)    What general precautions should I be taking?

  • Currently, there is not vaccine to prevent COVID – 19.  The virus is thought to be spread between people who are in close contact with one another (within 6 feet) through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes.  
  • Precautions should be similar to the measures taken to protect yourself from contracting influenza.  The CDC recommends you clean your hands often with soap and water or appropriate hand sanitizer, avoid close contact with people who are sick, practice social distancing (if possible), stay home if you are sick, cover coughs and sneezes, clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces.
  • Refer to any and all state, local, and federal executive orders and guidance.  

6)    What if I don’t feel comfortable coming to work because I live with an immune compromised person who is at high risk if they get COVID – 19? May I work from home?

  • Employees will need to speak with their supervisor to determine if remote work is an option for their role.  
  • Currently, if an employee does not feel comfortable to come to work but does not have current medically documented need for the illness or injury for oneself or the care of an immediate family member per existing policies, vacation or other non-sick leave would be used for an absence from work.
  • Additional guidance may be available within the Town’s Administrative Procedure #1-20-7 released on March 31, 2020 provided on the Employee Notices website.

7)    How do I access Telehealth services? 

8)  How do I know if I must report to work?  How will I be informed of new information on the Town’s management of COVID – 19 related issues as they relate to employees?

  • Employees should monitor this Town Emergency Management Employee Information website and contact their supervisor.
  • Employees can also dial one of the following hotline numbers for information:
    • Public Safety Employees – (561) 838-5454
    • Public Works Employees – (561) 838-5440
    • All Other Employees – (561) 273-4160

9)    What precautions should I take before and during travel of any kind?

  • Before and during travel, we recommend you obtain travel guidance from the CDC website.
  • If you are traveling internationally, notify your supervisor and Human Resources ( or 227-6322) before your return to work.  

10)    What if I have recently returned from a Cruise or an area designated with Warning Level 3 or 4 by the CDC for COVID – 19?

  • The Town is requiring that you remain out of the office for 14 calendar days from the date that you were last in that area and sick leave may be used.  You are required to discuss (via phone or email) your situation with your immediate supervisor to determine your work options.

11)    What if someone in my household has recently returned from an area designated with Warning Level 3 or 4 by the CDC for COVID – 19?

  • It is strongly recommended, though not required, that you remain out of the office for 14 calendar days.  Please contact your supervisor to discuss your schedule.  

12)    If I need to take time off work due to school closure what do I do?

13)    I don’t have a work laptop issued to me; may I use a personal computer to work remotely? 

  • No.  Due to the potential for Security threats, the Town does not allow use of a personal computer to access internal Town systems.  

14)    What if I need technical assistance with my Town issued laptop while at home?  

  • Call the Town’s Emergency Help Line at 561-227-6315.  Leave a detailed voicemail of your issue and an IT staff member will respond.  This mailbox is monitored 24 X 7.

15)    What if I am scheduled to attend/host an internal meeting or a local meeting?

  • All non-essential work related travel has been cancelled.  All meetings should be conducted virtually whenever possible.  Contact your supervisor for direction.  

16)    How do I obtain a medical, prescription or dental insurance card?

  • Go to, download MyCigna app on your smartphone.  Register to log in and you can access your ID Cards in addition to any other insurance related information from the site or app.  You can also call Cigna One Guide: 888.806.5042 for assistance. 

17)    How do I obtain vision insurance information?

  • If you have elected this optional coverage, go to or call 800.672.7723

19)    How do I access the Employee Wellness Grocery Delivery Credit? 

  • Submit your grocery delivery service enrollment receipt to  Reimbursements (not to exceed $15) will be processed as soon as possible or within 60 days from submission, unless emergency conditions cause a delay

20)    Will my health benefits be affected because of the limited number of work hours

  • Employee benefits will not be affected by the reduction in hours caused by the COVID pandemic. Please rest assured that your benefits will continue without interruption.

21)    Have the rules for an emergency withdrawal from my ICMA-RC 457 account changed? 

  • Per ICMA-RC, the IRS has not given or released any information for this process to be relaxed as it was during prior emergencies such as hurricanes.  We will need to follow the policies and procedures that we currently have in place until such information is released similar to our natural disasters, if such steps are taken by the IRS.  Currently the Town’s 457 plan with ICMA-RC does allow for emergency withdrawal when certain conditions are met.  Employees should log into their ICMA-RC account ( ) to access the Unforeseeable Emergency Withdrawal Form, or call ICMA-RC directly 1-800-669-7400. 

22)  How has the Town implemented and how may I request leave benefits pursuant to the Families First Coronavirus Relief Act?