Town Employee Information

Update as of Thursday, July 23, 2020

While Governor DeSantis announced partial reopening of Palm Beach County effective Monday, May 11, 2020, the Town will remain in a status quo situation for employees until further notice, with the exception of certain recreational facilities which are now open per County orders. Offices will remain closed to the public with the exception of application and plans drop-off for Planning Zoning & Building.

Directors will continue using discretion in the scheduling of employees to ensure services are maintained. Employees may be activated as essential and/or reassigned as non-essential as needed.  Employees have also been provided with a COVID-19 Workplace Guide that was developed as a comprehensive resources for workplace related information affected by the pandemic with three primary topics to reduce the potential spread of COVID-19 in the workplace.

  • Stay home if you are not feeling well;
  • Follow CDC, Federal, State & Local Guidelines Related to the Pandemic; and
  • Protect Yourself and Others at Work.

Additionally, employees shall notify Human Resources prior to returning to work if they travel to and/or through:

  • any destination identified a Level 3 CDC Travel Health Notice;
  • any destination, or come in contact with anyone who has recently traveled to and/or through the areas, identified by Executive Order of the Governor of the State of Florida as requiring self-isolation.  As of June 2 (thru July 8) that applies to travel in/through the states of NY, NJ and CT. 

Exceptions for emergency first responders may be granted by the Fire Chief and/or Police Chief.  The status referenced above may change and the Town will rely on the most current information available at the time of travel and/or absence for guidance at and/or

Contact Human Resources if you have any questions. 

Danielle Olson, Human Resources Director

Frequently Asked Questions for Employees 

Notices & Resources

1)    What if I have contracted or have been exposed personally (not job related) to COVID-19?   

  • We recommend that you seek appropriate medical attention immediately.
  • Immediately notify Human Resources at 561.227-6322 or  You may not return to work until instructed to do so.  The Town will follow CDC guidelines to conduct a risk assessment so that appropriate support and accommodations can be provided.  Your disclosure of such information will be confidential.  

2)    What if I call out sick or come to work with current symptoms of the COVID-19 virus?

  • Employees should stay home if they are not well. 
  • Whenever an employee calls out sick,  supervisors will ask employees if they are exhibiting any of the CDC identified COVID-19 symptoms.  If “YES” the employee will be contacted by either the Director or Assistant Director of Human Resources, as certain Federal paid leave and/or testing for COVID-19 may be implemented. Employees may not to return to work until clearance from a medical provider is approved.
  • If the absence is not COVID-19 related, regular sick leave procedures will apply. Employees who are absent three or more days (3 shifts for Fire Rescue) must receive a medical authorization form from their physician to return to work.  Medical authorization must be presented to their supervisor, who will make a determination as to whether or not the employee’s return to duty is approved
  • Current CDC identified COVID-19 symptoms, that as of May 14, 2020 are:  Cough; Fever; shortness of breath or difficulty breathing; muscle pain; sore throat; loss of taste or smell; and/or chills

3)  What precautions should I take before and during personal travel of any kind?

Employees seeking to travel for personal reasons should check the CDC’s Travelers Health Notices and State of Florida Executive Orders prior to departure. Supervisors can ask employees regarding their potential travel to and/or through:

  • any destination identified a Level 3 CDC Travel Health Notice requiring self-isolation following travel; and/or
  • any destination, or come in contact with anyone who has recently traveled to and/or through the areas, identified by Executive Order of the Governor of the State of Florida as requiring self-isolation.

Leave requests require supervisory approval and may be declined if such leave impairs operations.  If leave to/through one of the above areas is approved and self-isolation is required, employees shall notify Human Resources to review return to work procedures.

Due to the fluid nature of this situation, on a case by case basis the Town will rely on guidance from the CDC and State of Florida Health Department on the proper steps to be taken to prevent the potential spread of germs. The Town will rely on the most current information available at the time of travel.

4)    What general precautions should I be taking?

Follow all Workplace Standards for COVID-19 outlined here which states:  
While at work within a Town facility or providing Town related services, Town employees are expected to comply with the following workplace standards: 

  • Refrain from in‐person meetings whenever possible, including meal breaks;
  • Follow all CDC hand sanitation guidelines;
  • Maintain a distance of six feet when coming into contact with others while at work (inclusive of break areas);
  • Wear a face mask/covering (either provided by the Town or your own appropriate for the workplace) whenever in the presence of others if a 6ft distance cannot be achieved (unless a reasonable accommodation has been approved by Human Resources).

The CDC recommends several actions for preventing the spread of COVID-19 here.  Refer to any and all state, local, and federal executive orders and guidance.  

5) Will I be notified if a coworker has contracted COVID-19 or is in self-isolation?

Due to privacy concerns, this information will not be shared.  However, the Town will take steps per CDC guidance to conduct a risk analysis and may require employees to self-isolate.

6)    What if I am exposed to COVID-19 on the job? 

7)    What if I don’t feel comfortable coming to work because I live with an immune compromised person who is at high risk if they get COVID – 19? May I work from home?

  • Employees will need to speak with their supervisor to determine if remote work is an option for their role.  
  • Currently, if an employee does not feel comfortable to come to work but does not have current medically documented need for the illness or injury for oneself or the care of an immediate family member per existing policies, vacation or other non-sick leave would be used for an absence from work.
  • Additional guidance may be available within the Town’s Administrative Procedure #1-20-7 released on March 31, 2020 provided on the Employee Notices website.

8)    How do I access Telehealth services? 

Our Cigna Health Insurance offers telehealth services without a copay from Amwell and MDLIVE.  Take steps today to connect through the; information about these services is available online here.

9)  How do I know if I must report to work?  How will I be informed of new information on the Town’s management of COVID – 19 related issues as they relate to employees?

  • Employees should monitor this Town Emergency Management Employee Information website and contact their supervisor.
  • Employees can also dial one of the following hotline numbers for information:
    • Public Safety Employees – (561) 838-5454
    • Public Works Employees – (561) 838-5440
    • All Other Employees – (561) 273-4160

10)    If I need to take time off work due to school closure or childcare needs what do I do?

On the Employee Notices website, review the March 31, 2020 release of Administrative Procedure 1-20-7  Emergency FMLA Leave and Sick Pay Pursuant to the Families First Coronavirus Response Act of 2020

11)    I don’t have a work laptop issued to me; may I use a personal computer to work remotely? 

No.  Due to the potential for Security threats, the Town does not allow use of a personal computer to access internal Town systems.  

12)    What if I need technical assistance with my Town issued laptop while at home?  

Call the Town’s Emergency Help Line at 561-227-6315.  Leave a detailed voicemail of your issue and an IT staff member will respond.  This mailbox is monitored 24 X 7.

13)    What if I am scheduled to attend/host an internal meeting or a local meeting?

All non-essential work related travel has been cancelled.  All meetings should be conducted virtually whenever possible.  Contact your supervisor for direction.  

14)    How do I obtain a medical, prescription or dental insurance card?

Go to, download MyCigna app on your smartphone.  Register to log in and you can access your ID Cards in addition to any other insurance related information from the site or app.  You can also call Cigna One Guide: 888.806.5042 for assistance. 

15)    How do I obtain vision insurance information?

If you have elected this optional coverage, go to or call 800.672.7723

16)    How do I access the Employee Wellness Grocery Delivery Credit? 

Submit your grocery delivery service enrollment receipt to  Reimbursements (not to exceed $15) will be processed as soon as possible or within 60 days from submission, unless emergency conditions cause a delay

17)    Will my health benefits be affected because of the limited number of work hours

Employee benefits will not be affected by the reduction in hours caused by the COVID pandemic. Please rest assured that your benefits will continue without interruption.

18)    Have the rules for an emergency withdrawal from my ICMA-RC 457 account changed? 

ICMA-RC 457 Coronavirus-Related Distribution (CRD) pursuant to the Federal CARES Act
· General Information
· Request Form (Complete and submit the form to ICMA-RC for processing)

19)    How has the Town implemented and how may I request leave benefits pursuant to the Families First Coronavirus Relief Act? 

On the Employee Notices website, review the March 31, 2020 release of Administrative Procedure 1-20-7  Emergency FMLA Leave and Sick Pay Pursuant to the Families First Coronavirus Response Act of 2020

20)    What testing options are available for family members?

There are a few options for family members.  Note the Town does not recommend/endorse one option over any other. This information is being provided as a resource only.

-Palm Beach County Testing Sites:
-MD Now - only certain sites are being used for testing see here:
-Access Labs,  5151 Corporate Way, Jupiter, FL 33458, Office:866-720-8386

-Jupiter Medical Center Urgent Care Locations: Various Locations

21)    Will Cigna cover testing for specimens collected at an out-of-network lab, or at home?

To help remove any barriers to receive testing, Cigna will cover diagnostic PCR, antigen, and serology laboratory tests – including rapid tests or tests where the specimen is collected at home – through July 31, 2020 without customer cost-share when the test is done consistently with guidance below:

•    A diagnosis of COVID-19 is being considered and the tests are used as part of an evaluation;
•    The laboratory test is developed and administered in accordance with the instructions for use (IFU) document outlined by the FDA        Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) or through State regulatory approval;
•    The test is run in a lab with the appropriate CLIA certification, as described in the EUA IFU. Please note that high-throughput tests may only be run in a high-complexity laboratory; and
•    Claim is submitted with appropriate information. 

Effective February 4, 2020 through July 31, 2020, Cigna will waive customer cost-sharing for all COVID-19 treatment when an out of network provider is used.  The treatments that Cigna will cover for COVID-19 are those covered under Medicare or other applicable state regulations. The company will reimburse health care providers at Cigna’s in-network rates or Medicare rates, as applicable.