Presidential Visit Seasonal Traffic Mitigation Plan


Beginning on Friday, February 10, 2017, and each Friday thereafter ending on May 1, 2017, the Town of Palm Beach will take steps to mitigate the traffic impacts due to visits from the President of the United States to Palm Beach Island. All actions stated herein are subject to change as the Town will utilize an adaptive management approach to deal with any traffic problems that may arise whenever the President visits his winter home in Palm Beach.

Traffic Alerts

Please: All Town residents are strongly urged to sign up for “Traffic Alerts” by clicking on the “Stay Informed” button on the home page and following the prompts to register your email and cell phone number to receive the latest information. Emergency alerts will be issued when there is an unexpected incident that impacts traffic.

Traffic Signals

Town staff, as well as County staff will actively monitor key intersections on and off the Island and will manually control traffic lights to ensure proper flow of traffic. At some locations, this will be by remote control. At other locations, traffic signals may be physically controlled at the intersection or with police officers.

Emergency Vehicles

Please be assured that life safety is our highest priority. Alternate routes to area hospitals have been identified and Opticom systems (which allow Fire-Rescue to change upcoming traffic lights to green while in route) will be used to ensure the fastest travel times.

Traffic Flow

During the peak traffic periods, preference will be given to east/west traffic. This will allow traffic control personnel to pursue a nearly continuous flow of traffic on the Town’s major east/west arteries. Please use Royal Poinciana Way, Royal Palm Way, and Southern Boulevard.

Traffic Maps

The Town recommends using online interactive maps to monitor traffic congestion in real time. From your desktop or laptop, go to For a smart phone select the Maps application and enable the “see traffic” function.

Service, Maintenance, and Construction Personnel

All service, maintenance, and construction personnel are respectfully requested to work in conjunction with the Town in a community partnership to mitigate the situational traffic problem.

The Town’s Public Works crews (sanitation, trash, etc.) will begin routes at daybreak on Fridays and will leave the Island by 3:00 p.m., regardless if the President is visiting or not.

Service, maintenance, and construction personnel will be encouraged on Friday of each week to conclude all work and leave the Island by 3:00 p.m., regardless if the President is visiting or not. The intent is to develop a consistent and predictable routine so the impacts to traffic on Fridays are kept to a minimum.

Delivery vehicles (including delivery trucks) are prohibited from parking in travel lanes. Designated loading/unloading zones or legal parking spaces must be used when making deliveries to the Island business and residences. Violators will be ticketed or towed.

Flexing Employee Schedules

The Town will flex employees work schedules to spread out rush hour impacts and also will encourage carpooling among Town employees on each Friday during this time period. The Town is also encouraging businesses on the Island to flex their employee work schedules on Fridays (to spread out rush hour impacts) and to promote carpooling.

Coast Guard

In an attempt to reduce traffic impacts from bridge openings during this time period, outreach is ongoing with the Coast Guard to reduce bridge openings.