Underground Utilities Task Force

The Underground Utilities Task Force (UUTF) was created on May 12, 2015, by Resolution No. 50-2015 and consists of seven members appointed by the Town Council. The term of office is indefinite and shall cease upon a date to be determined by the Town Council, once it is determined that the purpose of the UUTF has been accomplished. The task force is charged with the investigation and review of the undergrounding of utilities throughout the Town. Members of the task force shall possess a knowledge or expertise in the area of undergrounding utilities and advise the Town Council in regard to undergrounding. Each member of the UUTF is required to be a registered voter or taxpayer in the Town. Appointees shall not be a member of another Town board or commission; however, this provision shall not apply to the Retirement Board.

Current Members

Jeffery Smith, Chair

Donald Gulbrandsen, Vice Chair

W. Anthony Dowell

Susan Gary

Nicki McDonald

Thomas Parker

Harry Wolin

Meeting Agendas & Back-up Documents

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