Advanced Irrigation Variance Program

Interested in getting a variance from day-of-the-week watering regulations?

The Town Council has adopted a program which will provide an opportunity for property owners who have installed advanced irrigation controllers to obtain a variance from day-of-week watering restrictions. The Council wished to provide a regulatory incentive for residents to install such systems, since both the individual residents and the community as a whole will benefit from the water conservation benefits of such systems, and therefore, expediting the conversion process is in the community’s best interests.

These new provisions authorize the granting of a variance from the Town’s standard day-of-week watering regulations. This will enable advanced controllers to apply irrigation to landscaping on any day when weather conditions warrant such application.

Access the Advanced Irrigation Variance Application

Smart Irrigation Video

View the Town Smart Irrigation video below, which highlights this technology on Worth Avenue, in Bradley Park, and in Town Square.

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