Adult Classes

Painting and drawning for adults

Winter Session

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Fees, Dates and Programs are subject to change. Drop-ins are available for most classes.

Registration for classes may be made in person, 340 Seaview Avenue, by phone 561-838-5485 or  online. (Online registration ends when classes begin. Please call the main office at 561-838-5485 to register). All fees must be paid at the time of registration.

Please fill out and return the Participant Registration Form to the instructor or main office prior to the first class.

Music Together with Miss Tracie
Sing and move to songs and rhythmic rhymes in a variety of meters and tonalities by participating in activities that include small and large movement, instrument play-along and community sing in an informal, non-performance-oriented musical experience.

Wednesdays  9:30am-10:15am   ages 0-3 years
Wednesdays  12:00pm-12:45pm ages 0-1 year

Music Together
Toddler Social with Rhythm & Hues
Ignite your child’s inner creativity through reading, music and art in this fun parent/child class.

Mondays   9:30am-10:30am   ages 18 months -3 years

Toddler Social

Mom & Tot Tumbling with Gold Coast Gymnastics
Encourages tots to explore their natural physical movement, gain socialization opportunities and develop self-awareness through movement and interaction in this parent/child class.

Tuesdays   3:30pm-4:00pm    ages 18 months - 4 years

Mom & Tot Tumbling

Exercise Classes
Body Conditioning with Sandee Sineni
Combines an easy, low impact warm up, light weight work, mat work and stretching.

Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays     9:00am-10:00am
Body Conditioning
Stretch and Relaxation with Sandee Sineni
Combines fitness, dance and yoga stretches, designed to increase flexibility and balance

Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays           8:15am-9:00am
Stretch and Relaxation
HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training -NEW
This class is designed to work at your own pace. The workout includes a series of exercises which are performed during a "work" interval, followed by a short "rest" interval. The goal is to work as hard as you can during the "work" interval, with recovery occurring during the "rest" interval.
Both exercises and length of time fro intervals are ever changing, keeping this new each time you come.

Thursdays  5:30pm-6:15pm     Intermediate-Advanced
Begins February 27

HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training

Tennis Strength & Conditioning-NEW
Whether it’s a forehand or backhand, the stroke starts from the ground up. Working everything from leg strength to core stability, this class focuses on the specific demands tennis places on the body.

Wednesdays  11:15am-12:00pm Beginner- Advanced
Begins February 26

Tennis Strength & Conditioning
Golf Strength & Conditioning-NEW
Strength training class designed to complement the game of golf. 18 holes forcefully swinging the club in one direction can lead to imbalances. This class will address those imbalances along with overall strengthening for a more stable swing.  

Mondays  11:00am-11:45am  Beginner- Advanced
Begins February 24

Golf Strength & Conditioning

Special Interest Classes
French with Michelle Bradley
Taught almost entirely in the native language, this class will also focus on culture, music and food of the country the language is spoken in.

French for Beginners   Wednesdays    12:00pm-1:30pm
French for Inter./Adv.  Wednesdays    10:00am-11:30am

Italian with Laura Antonacci
Taught almost entirely in the native language, this class will also focus on culture, music and food of the country the language is spoken in.

Italian for Beginners   Mondays    12:00pm-1:30pm
Italian for Inter./Adv.   Mondays    10:00am-11:30am

Spanish with Rosario Fitch
Taught almost entirely in the native language, this class will also focus on culture, music and food of the country the language is spoken in.

Spanish for Beginners   Thursdays      10:00am-11:30am  
Spanish for Inter./Adv.   Thursdays      12:00pm-1:30pm

Digital Photography with Joel Cohen
Take your photos to a whole new level by studying the greats, getting constructive feedback with group discussions and learning your camera functions.

Fridays      10:00am-11:30am
Digital Photography
Painting/Drawing with Wilson Williams
Learn techniques in acrylic, water color, pencil or charcoal. Participants will learn about shading, proportion, perspective and more. 

Fridays 9:30am-12:00pm

Mah Jongg 
This tile game is played American style with National Mah Jongg League Official Standard Hands and Rules. This program is currently for experienced players. We may add a beginners program in March.

Mondays 10:30am-12:30pm 
Mah Jongg
Wellness Classes

Qi Gong with Ed Dolezal
Known as Chinese Yoga, Qi Gong is a self healing practice like "acupuncture without needles". It’s a mindfulness practice along with breathing, visualization, intention and very gentle movements. Composed of 4 classes, each class builds on the preceding one. We are not able to accommodate drop-ins after the first class.

Mondays 9:30am-10:30am (Will resume March 2)

Qi Gong
Power Vinyasa Yoga with Christina Chu
These fun yoga flows will revolve around sequences that move through various yoga postures to incorporate elements of stretching, strengthening, balance and more, all set to a fun and upbeat play list designed to keep you moving.

Monday 8:15am-9:15pm

Power Vinyasa Yoga

Sunday Vinyasa with Christina Chu
Start your Sunday mornings with a fun yoga flow that will encourage a fresh start to the week ahead. Complete with an upbeat playlist,  each class will incorporate a mix of stretching and strengthening to de-stress and detox from the inside out.

Sundays 9:30am-10:30am

Sunday Vinyasa
Hatha Yoga for Beginners with Jennifer Friedman
New to yoga or are you curious about the practice? This class will focus on breath, body and mind in a fun, relaxed environment. Learn fundamentals and flow with ease while learning to connect mindfully.

Fridays 11:00am-12:00pm

Hatha Yoga for Beginners

Yoga Fit with Beth Grappell
A repeated series of yoga poses increasing body heat and sweat while building strength.

Mondays  12:00pm-1:00pm

Yoga Fit
Morning Salutations Yoga with Beth Grappell
Yoga sequences for beginners to advanced practitioners. Guided movement to align and calm your mind, body and spirit.

Wednesdays 8:15am-9:15am

Morning Salutation’s Yoga
Yoga Flow with Alese Jones
An invigorating yet meditative class as postures are synchronized with the breath while flowing from one to the next using intelligent alignment to build strength and flexibility.

Tuesdays 9:30am-10:30am

Yoga Flow

Yin Yoga with Alese Jones
A means to stimulate connective tissue and energy flow through the body, bridging yoga with meditation involving variations of seated and supine poses typically held for 3 to 5 minutes, accessing deeper layers of fascia.

Thursdays 9:30am-10:30am

Yin Yoga
Power Vinyasa Flow with Nikki Rattinger
Shake off the work day with this invigorating power vinyasa flow class, designed to work out your body, bring forth a strong mind and open your heart. Finding balance on and off the mat can be challenging, but also interesting and playful. Standing postures, arm balances, the works, to uplifting music.

Tuesdays   5:15pm-6:15pm

Power Vinyasa Flow

Tai Chi with Ed Dolezal
Known as meditation in motion, this program builds a great foundation, equilibrium and breathing capacity. it is also known as Medication in motion because it helps improve quality of life of those with fibromyalgia and more!

Wednesdays  10:00am-11:00am (will resume March 4)

Tai Chi

Workshops and Seminars


Click on class links for class details and pricing information. Classes will not be prorated after the mid-point of each class session. Refunds will not be issued after the second meeti::ng of any class.