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Change to CONSTRUCTION WORKING HOURS effective 2/1/2022




Sec. 18-1014. - Removal and securing of construction materials during tropical storm and hurricane warning or watch required. 

(a)  When the National Weather Service, National Hurricane Center or appropriate weather agency shall declare a tropical storm watch or warning or a hurricane watch or warning for any portion of Palm Beach County, Florida, all construction materials, including roof tiles, and debris on all building and construction sites within the town shall be secured, stored or removed so as not to create a safety hazard because of hurricane or tropical storm force winds. 

(b)  Media broadcasts or notices issued by the National Weather Service or National Hurricane Center of a tropical storm watch or warning or a hurricane watch or waning shall be deemed sufficient notice to the owner of real property upon which construction is occurring or any contractor responsible for said construction to secure store or remove loose construction debris and loose construction materials against the effects of high winds. 

(c)  Materials stockpiled on top of any structure under construction shall be permanently installed by the property owner or contractor upon issuance of a tropical storm watch or warning or a hurricane watch or warning; provided, however, in the event such installation cannot be timely completed, then the property owner or contractor shall: 

(1)  Band together the construction materials and mechanically fasten them to the top of the structure in such a manner so as not to present a threat of their becoming airborne during a tropical storm or hurricane; or 

(2)  Remove the construction materials from the top of the structure and mechanically tie down to the ground; or 

(3)  Remove the construction materials from the job site; or 

(4)  Store the construction materials inside a protected structure. 

(d)  Construction materials or debris shall remain secured, stored or removed from the property until the National Weather Service, National Hurricane Center or other appropriate weather agency has removed all portions of Palm Beach County from those areas included in a tropical storm watch or warning or a hurricane watch or warning. 

(e)  From June 1 to November 30 of each calendar year (the National Weather Service designated hurricane season), construction or roofing materials shall be loaded on a roof no earlier than ten working days prior to the permanent installation of the materials. 

(f)  It shall be the joint responsibility of the owner and general contractor to remove, secure or to see to the removal or securing of all construction materials and debris as set forth in this section. 

(g)  In the event of a violation of this section, in addition to all other remedies provided in the Code of Ordinances and otherwise by law, the town may take whatever emergency action it deems necessary to secure, store or remove all loose construction materials and debris including, but not limited to, roof tiles and roofing materials. In such circumstances, the town shall bill the property owner or his agent for all charges and expenses incurred whether incurred by the utilization of town personnel and materials or other outside contractors retained by the town for these purposes. The securing of an outside contractor to perform these services shall be deemed to be the securing of emergency services and shall not require the town to utilize a competitive bid process to select a contactor or contractors. Should the bill for such services remain unpaid for a period of 30 days or more, the town may record a claim of lien encumbering the property and thereafter proceed according to law to enforce said lien.  


Amendment to Town Code of Ordinance, Chapter 18 - 9/10/2019

The Town Council amended Chapter 18, Buildings and Building Regulations of the Town Code of Ordinance No. 33-2019 on September 10, 2019. Sec. 18-86 Construction Staging and Truck Logistics Plan requires a construction staging and truck logistics plan be submitted as part of all major Architectural Commission and Landmark Preservation Commission projects. Plan shall include how the site will be staged (material deliveries, material storage, contractor parking, dumpster and portable toilet location, etc.) along with, commercial truck details (maximum size of trucks that can maneuver to the site, number of possible truck trips, the truck route to and from the site including the bridges, and the project CPM with bench marks).

Changes to the Permitting Process 2/5/2019

Effective immediately the Town of Palm Beach Building Division would like to announce some changes and programs within our department.

  • PLUMBING WATER HEATER REPLACEMENTS – Permit application required which must be signed and notarized by the property owner as well as the plumbing qualifier and be submitted with a current copy of your workers compensation. You will now receive your permit OVER THE COUNTER. In addition to this we now have a Water Heater Installation Certification Affidavit. This affidavit will be in lieu of a final inspection. The plumbing contractor will prepare this affidavit certifying the installation was completed and complies with all codes, ordinances, rules and regulations. This affidavit will ONLY be submitted AFTER the install is complete.

  • AIR CONDITIONING REPLACEMENTS – Permit application required which must be signed and notarized by the property owner as well as the mechanical qualifier and be submitted with a current copy of your workers compensation. All applications require two (2) copies of an AHRI along with a site plan if within a single family residence. The permits will now be handled as OVER THE COUNTER permits, if possible (zoning review maybe required. In addition to this we now have an Air Conditioning change out Installation certification. This must be completed by the license holder and will certify that the air conditioning installation was completed and complies with all codes, ordinances, rules and regulations. This affidavit will ONLY be submitted AFTER the install is complete.

  • ROOFING – We have implemented the same policy as above pertaining to roofing. Qualified applicants may certify the roof underlayment installation, roof metal installation and re-nailing or replacement of roof sheathing by preparing an affidavit certifying the installation of any of the above complies with all codes, ordinances, rules and regulations. The affidavit will ONLY be submitted AFTER the work has been complete.

  • The newest department change to improve efficiency and customer service comes in the form of consolidating the numerous permits formerly required on any construction project to just ONE PERMIT PER PROJECT. This is a program that has been requested by numerous customers over the years and is now available. One permit will cover all Building and MEP’s (electrical, plumbing, mechanical, fire, roofing, etc.) as well as site work, pools, fountains and generators. This consolidated solution will free up customer time at intake and allow a very easy “snap shot” view of a project at any time for anyone interested, without the need to review multiple independent permits. In addition, we are working on a more personal approach to plan review. Our reviewers will be reviewing plans and if applicable comments apply, they will determine what we need to right away in order to issue the permit. From there plan review will list conditions for 30/60 day revision submittals on any remaining comments. All efforts made herein are to achieve a faster way of permit intake and issuance.

Effective 03/21/2019 The Town of Palm Beach is pleased to begin offering the optional Annual Facilities Permit for commercial building owners. This 12 month permit allows a commercial building owner to perform maintenance and repairs of their buildings without the need to pull individual permits for each project.  The permit will be for the replacement of A/C units, water heaters, electric panels and fixtures, general plumbing, electrical and mechanical replacements of piping, conduits, and fixtures, roof repairs, common area window and door replacements, stucco and concrete restoration, and replacement of landscape and hardscape.  Certain conditions do apply, and certain projects will require Architectural Review and Landmarks Preservation Review.  

Effective 10/05/2018 The Town of Palm Beach will not longer require a recorded notice of commencement as a condition of the application, processing or issuance of a building permit. The inspector performing the first inspection shall verify that a recoded notice of commencement is posted on the job site prior to performing the inspection. 

Effective 11/2016 The Town of Palm Beach requires A/C equipment to be set back at least 5 feet from all property lines. Any A/C equipment within 10 feet of a property line is required to be completely screened by a wall as high as said equipment (Sec.134-1728(a)). The Town is requiring information to be included in construction permit applications to determine compliance with this zoning requirement. The information required will vary slightly, depending on the nature of the work. All applications will require the tonnage of both the existing model (if applicable) and the new model, which should be indicated in the description of work on the construction permit. If the unit is being put in a new location with no existing A/C equipment there, then a basic site plan is needed with setbacks and proper screening indicated if necessary. The Town appreciates your cooperation. 


Town of Palm Beach Historic Site Survey prepared by Environmental Services, Inc. (December 2020)

Environmental Services Inc., A Terracon Company (ESI), of Jacksonville, Florida, conducted a comprehensive pedestrian survey of historic structures in the Town of Palm Beach, Florida from November 2019 – June 2020. Funding for this survey and subsequent reporting was provided by the Town. The purpose of this survey was to provide Palm Beach with a comprehensive recordation of all structures in the town constructed in or prior to 1979 and a survey report detailing the findings. Data gathered during the survey will support a better preservation plan and identify geographic areas of interest that have retained integrity and possess significance for potential National Register districts, along with eligible local Landmark designations and districts, and aid in planning for future development.

This report is tentatively scheduled to be presented for acceptance at the regularly scheduled Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC) meeting on Wednesday, February 17, 2021 and the Town Council Development Review meeting on Wednesday, March 3, 2021.

To view this report, please click here:  TOPB Historic Site Survey Report