News and Notes

 Update on Adoption of Amendments to Town's Comprehensive Plan

The Town Council has considered the proposed changes by Staff in response to the comments of the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity related to the Town's updated Comprehensive Plan, prepared as a result of the required periodic Evaluation and Appraisal process. The proposed changes were considered by the Town Council at its meeting of August 9, 2017, and adopted in final form by Ordinance No. 9-2017. View adopted ordinance.

Notice to Contractors Regarding Zika Virus 6/19/17

The Palm Beach Town Council is treating the threat of mosquito-borne Zika virus very seriously. The Town has held informative meetings to advise the public of this threat, material has been posted on the Town’s website educating the public, prevention kits have been assembled for residents, and spraying has occurred. The Town will continue to keep the public informed, and to look for opportunities to contain/minimize the Zika risk.

Once again, the Town is asking contractors doing business in Town to assist in our efforts to minimize the Zika threat. Please make certain to eliminate any standing water (favorable mosquito breeding conditions) that may be found at construction sites. The Town has received expressions of concern from residents relative to swimming pools that are not serviced properly (leading to stagnant water) and dumpsters that may harbor standing water. Please be mindful to watch for and prevent any standing water from accumulating at any construction site (pools and dumpsters included). Thank you for your collective efforts to keep the public safe from this spreading health threat.

Attention Contractors:

Effective 10/05/2018 The Town of Palm Beach will not longer require a recorded notice of commencement as a condition of the application, processing or issuance of a building permit. The inspector performing the first inspection shall verify that a recoded notice of commencement is posted on the job site prior to performing the inspection. 

Effective 11/2016 The Town of Palm Beach requires A/C equipment to be set back at least 5 feet from all property lines. Any A/C equipment within 10 feet of a property line is required to be completely screened by a wall as high as said equipment (Sec.134-1728(a)). The Town is requiring information to be included in construction permit applications to determine compliance with this zoning requirement. The information required will vary slightly, depending on the nature of the work. All applications will require the tonnage of both the existing model (if applicable) and the new model, which should be indicated in the description of work on the construction permit. If the unit is being put in a new location with no existing A/C equipment there, then a basic site plan is needed with setbacks and proper screening indicated if necessary. The Town appreciates your cooperation. Please contact Logan Elliott, Zoning Technician, at (561) 227-6409 with any questions.