Public Records

The State of Florida has some of the broadest open public records legislation in the nation. Under F.S. Chapter 119.011(12), “records made or received pursuant to law or ordinance or in connection with the transaction of official business are considered public”, with a few exceptions. It is the policy of the Town of Palm Beach to fully embrace and comply with the letter and spirit of the Florida Public Records Laws governing the public's right to access records held by a public agency.

Obtaining Public Records
All non-exempt records will be open for inspection during normal business hours: Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.- 5:00 p.m., excluding Town recognized holidays. If requesting to inspect records that are not maintained by this Office or require an extensive period of time to collect and/or review for potential exempt information, such records many not be available immediately. In those instances, a cost estimate will be provided and a deposit will be required prior to inspection of the records. For inspections requiring Staff supervision due to the nature of the records requested, Staff time will also be assessed. Requestors are not allowed to mark, damage, destroy, or steal public records. Requestors may feel free to take photographs of the records inspected or inform Staff which records they would like copies of.

You are never required to provide your name or contact information as a condition for receiving public records; however, providing such information does allow us to expedite the process in the event Staff has any questions regarding your request or needs to provide you with any cost estimates (if applicable).

The Town charges for the actual cost of duplication and, if applicable, staff time. All fees related to public records can be found in the Copy & Duplication Services Fee Schedule. Payment of the estimated amount due is considered a deposit and is required prior to receipt of the records. If the actual costs are less than the estimate, the difference will be refunded to the requestor. If the actual costs are beginning to reach or exceed the estimate, then an additional estimate and deposit shall be required before the remainder of the work is begun; and, records accumulated to that point will be provided to the requestor. The Town charges an extensive use fee for any request that is anticipated to exceed 15 minutes to fulfill, and considers all requests submitted on a given day by the same requestor as one request for these purposes.

Submission Guidelines

In order to expedite your requests, please follow the below submission guidelines to ensure that your requests get to the appropriate party as quickly as possible. Requests sent to the incorrect party will be forwarded by Staff as appropriate, but they may take longer than usual for the Town to respond to.

Police Department Records only:
Requests should be sent directly to the Police Department's Records Unit. Requestors can electronically submit Police Department requests or call 561-838-5454.

Property Records only:
The Planning, Zoning, and Building Department's Records Division provides access to departmental records for use by the public. Records can be accessed at Town Hall between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. The Division may be closed on rare occasions, so please call 561-227-6404 prior to a visit.

Development Review Application Records only:

Copies of Development Review Applications for meetings held after August 23, 2016 are now are available online. For older applications, please contact the Planning, Zoning, and Building Department's Records Division at 561-227-6040.

General & Multi-Departmental Requests:

For your convenience, the Town of Palm Beach offers the following options for submitting general and multi-departmental public records requests:

Search Online Records - Many of our most commonly requested records (such as agendas, minutes, resolutions, and ordinances) are available via our Online Search Tool.

Submit Online Request (NEW!)- This option allows requesters to electronically submit requests and even view request statuses as the request is processed.

Mail: 360 S. County Road, Palm Beach, FL 33480
Telephone: (561) 227-6342
Facsimile: (561) 838-5417
In Person: Town Hall, 360 S. County Road, Palm Beach, FL 33480
Public Request Form: This fillable Public Records Request Form is completely optional and is being provided only for your convenience.

The primary point of contact for general and multi-departmental records requests is Deputy Town Clerk Kathleen Dominguez. For further assistance, she can be reached by e-mail or by calling 561-838-5416.