Special Event Permits

Defining a Special Event

The issuance of special event permits is regulated by Section 106, Article VII of the town code. For the purposes of this section, “Special Event” is defined as: “any meeting, activity or gathering of a group of persons having a common purpose, design or goal, upon any public street, sidewalk, alley, park, beach or other public place or building, which special event substantially inhibits the usual flow of pedestrian or vehicular travel or which occupies any public area or building, which results in preempted use by the general public or which deviates from the established use.”


The following regulations shall apply to all special events:

• There shall be held no more than 1 special event on any given day, at the same location. The Town reserves the right to limit use of public spaces at any time to prevent overuse and/or adverse impacts to adjacent neighborhoods. 

• The maximum duration of each event, including setup and cleanup, shall be 5 hours.

• Any signs, props or displays used in conjunction with the special event must be removed immediately after the time has expired.

• The use of banners, flags (other than flags of official governmental bodies), streamers, balloons or any similar devices is prohibited.

• The use of decorated vehicles and trailers is prohibited.

• The granting of a special event permit shall not require the complete blockading of streets or intersections to vehicular traffic, and the town shall be empowered to apportion such streets and intersections for simultaneous use by special event participants and vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

• The concentration of persons and/or vehicles at the special event will not interfere unduly with proper fire and police protection of, or ambulance service to, areas contiguous to the assembly area or other areas of the town.

• There are sufficient parking places near the site to accommodate the number of automobiles reasonably expected.

• The event is not otherwise in violation of ordinances or regulations of town, state, or federal law.

• The chair or person heading the special event shall carry the special event permit upon his person during the conduct of the special event and shall be present at the special event.

• Special events cannot be held for the purpose of advertising any product, goods, or event, or to be held for private profit or fund raising unless the applicant is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit, in which a charitable solicitation permit would also be required.

Notice: Memorial Park is not available for special events until further notice.


Below are the requirements to obtain a special event permit:

• A completed special event permit application received at least 45 days (or shorter period of time as deemed appropriate at the discretion of the Town Manager), but no more than 9 months for residents and 7 months for non-residents, prior to the event.

• An application fee of $300, if the application is received at least 45 days in advance. A fee of $100 will be assessed in the event of a late application.

• A refundable damage deposit and usage fee may apply. See Page 11 of the Fee Schedule.  

• Submission of a certificate of liability insurance naming the town as an additional insured in an amount not less than $1,000,000 or an amount higher based upon the particular special event proposed.

• Public safety personnel have been hired, or other permits obtained, if the town determines that they are a condition of approval.

For further assistance, please email the Town Clerk's Office or call 561-838-5416.