Pollution Prevention & Dewatering

NEW - Ordinance 21-2019

Town of Palm Beach Code of Ordinance Chapter 42-Environment 

New Ordinance 21-2019 is amending the Town Code of Ordinance at Chapter 42, Environmental, Article IX, Fertilizer Friendly Use, was approved and is in effect as of Tuesday, June 11, 2019.

Pollution Prevention

The Lake Worth Lagoon is the town’s western boundary and receives the town’s storm sewer runoff less what is retained on properties and in town maintained exfiltration trenches. The town wants all residents of Palm Beach to know precautions can and should be taken to help protect and enhance water quality in the lagoon. Only storm water should be collected in, or allowed to run into, the town’s collection system.

Monitoring Chemical Use

Use of all fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, any and all petroleum products, paints, solvents, and corrosive chemicals should be monitored closely by every homeowner and business. Application rates, as furnished by the manufacturer, should not be exceeded for fertilizers and pesticides. Rates of application and proper timing of applications are always on the product label and should be strictly followed. Applications should never extend onto paved surfaces. Excessive application causes excessive contaminated runoff into the storm sewer system.

Disposing of Chemicals

Unused chemicals of any type should be disposed of properly and should never be washed or dumped into any storm drain. Once in the water, these chemicals dissolve, dilute, or combine with other substances to create harmful combinations that kill fish and aquatic life.

Always read product labels for proper disposal tips. For more information about your local household hazardous waste collection center, call the Solid Waste Authority at 697-2700. Anyone witnessing illegal dumping or disposal of any substance into the town’s storm water collection system should notify the Public Works Department at 561-838-5440 as soon as possible during normal business hours. After hours, calls should be directed to the Police Dispatch Office at 561-838-5454 to report illegal disposal into the town's storm sewer system.

Please visit the Palm Beach County National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System website, for more detailed information regarding the use of fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and how to keep these pollutants out of storm water collection systems.


Discharging of chlorinated swimming pool water directly into a storm drain is prohibited in the Town of Palm Beach (PB Code Section 122-153). Homeowners can comply with water quality standards established by the town and the US Environmental Protection Agency and its National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permit and protect our environment by following these simple steps when maintaining their pools and by informing their pool service companies to:

  • Obtain a dewatering permit for dechlorinated water and instructions before any pool discharge is allowed
  • Allow pool water to stand several days before draining, as chlorine dissipates rapidly in sunlight or, alternatively, add a dechlorinating agent to the water
  • Only drain the pool when necessary
  • Not drain pools when water restrictions are in place
  • Take unused pool chemicals and containers to the local household hazardous waste collection center for proper disposal