History of Zoning Codes
The Town’s first zoning code was adopted in 1929. In 1974, the Town’s zoning regulations underwent a major rewrite to create new residential and commercial town-serving zoning districts and zoning regulations which reduced allowed residential densities and commercial intensities throughout many areas of the town.

Responsibilities of the Zoning Division
The Zoning Division oversees the implementation of all changes to private property requiring review, such as site plan and subdivision review, special exceptions and variances. The division also recommends and prepares amendments to the zoning code and changes to the zoning map.

Zoning Regulations
The Town’s zoning regulations can be found in Chapter 134, Zoning, in the Code of Ordinances. Those provisions regulate land uses, building setbacks, height, overall height, setbacks, lot coverage, building volume and mass, and landscape open space. Zoning Districts are depicted on the Zoning Map. In addition, the town’s concurrency management requirements, which are required infrastructure provisions for development and redevelopment, can be found in Chapter 30. The regulations for the subdivision or splitting of land in the town can be found in Chapter 110 of the Code of Ordinances. These Code provisions can be found in the Municipal Code Corporation website. If you have any questions about this information or need help finding specific provision in the Code you may contact the Planning, Zoning and Building Department.

News and Notes
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Parking Issues
To view a comprehensive analysis of traffic and parking for the Town of Palm Beach prepared by American Consulting Engineers of Florida, in December of 2006, select Town of Palm Beach Traffic & Parking Improvement Plan. (This large document may take time to load depending on the speed of the internet connection).