The First Comprehensive Plan
The first comprehensive plan for the Town, The Plan of Palm Beach, was prepared by Bennett, Parsons & Frost, Consulting Architects based in Chicago, in 1930, and funded by the Garden Club of Palm Beach. It had as its goal the preservation and enhancement of “the charming character of Palm Beach” through:

"One attractive and well managed public bath and beach, the concentration of general traffic upon a limited number of streets, beautification without especial reference to main arteries of travel, and a system of leisurely and convenient by-ways free from automobiles, punctuated with gardens: this is a plan which will localize recreation seeking crowds, discourage trespassing, and provide safety and quiet for residents of Palm Beach."

Today's Comprehensive Plan
The Town is now guided by a Comprehensive Plan adopted in 1989, in conformance with the Florida Community Planning Act as amended. The plan, which guides the Town’s natural and built environment, includes future land use, transportation, housing, infrastructure, coastal management / conservation, recreation / open space, intergovernmental coordination, capital improvement, public school facilities and historic preservation Elements. The plan is the guiding document for any activities which affect the physical environment within the Town. The Future Land Use Map is not current.  Please contact the Planning, Zoning and Building Department for confirmation of the proper land use designation.

Responsibilities of the Department
The Department reviews all proposed development within the Town for conformance to the Comprehensive Plan and the Town’s land development regulations (Zoning provisions). The plan is reviewed and amended periodically in accordance with F.S. Chapter 163. Planning functions include working with the Planning and Zoning Commission in reviewing the Comprehensive Plan and implementing its provisions.

Parking Issues
To view a comprehensive analysis of traffic and parking for the Town of Palm Beach prepared by American Consulting Engineers of Florida, in December of 2006, select Town of Palm Beach Traffic & Parking Improvement Plan. (This large document may take time to load depending on the speed of the internet connection).