ITThe Office of Information Technology is responsible for all computer, network, GIS, communications and telephone related activities within the town. As a division of the Town Managers' Office, the staff of six supports all town departmental computer needs which include approximately 300 personal computer systems, 70 servers, and a complex fiber optic network that connects all of the town's facilities into a single LAN. Information Technology handles all of the communications needs for the Town including phones systems, internet connectivity and mobile computing. We support all aspects of the Town's computer infrastructure on a 24/7/365 basis and take pride in keeping Palm Beach's systems available day and night.

Information Technology supports dozens of software applications that provide service to Public Safety, Public Works and the rest of Town government. Information Technology provides the latest wireless technology for mobile computing and remote device access.

The Office strives to stay current with technology so that the town can take advantage of the hardware and software to make the organization as a whole efficient and productive. Service and support to all employees as well as the public remain our number one priority.