Training & Education


The Town of a Palm Beach is committed to providing training that will enhance and assist employees in their everyday roles. The training programs incorporate both online and in-class training on several topics.

All employees are assigned mandatory training throughout the year and are offered elective classes that our optional. Additionally, a supervisor training program has been developed which focuses on the necessary information supervisors need in their roles to provide leadership, management, and guidance to staff and operations.

Tuition Reimbursement

All employees are eligible to receive educational assistance through the town’s tuition reimbursement program. Reimbursement provisions are strictly for payment of tuition, books, materials, and other fees required, and do not include reimbursement for food, mileage, or any charges not specifically required for the course(s).

Maximum tuition reimbursement will be based on the higher tuition cost charged by either Palm Beach State College or Florida Atlantic University for courses completed with a grade equivalent of C or better (B or better for graduate level courses).